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How many people founded the company? What are their names? *

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What stage are you in? *

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now in your business? *


Why does your company exist? If an investor or advisor, why do you do what you do? *

How do you describe your company, or what you do to people about what you do? What's your elevator pitch? *

Ok, now in six words or less what’s your company’s mission? If you are an investor or advisor do share. *

(Hint: Think big. "Put a man on the moon." Six words-that-change-the-world-big.)
Is your product or service designed to address an economic, social, or environmental issue? Is this the primary design, or a secondary benefit? *

What major change are you trying to drive with your product or service? *

Which one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is closest to your mission? *

Do you have a social or environmental commitment embedded in your mission, bylaws, company DNA?? *

Who do you exist to serve? Who benefits from your product or service? *

What are you doing that nobody else is? *

How far are along are you with your product or service? *

What would constitute a big win/success, in the next 6 months? *

What makes you cry? *

What makes you laugh? *


What is the handle for your company Twitter page?
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Do you measure your impact and efficacy? If so, please describe how. If not, please tell us why. *

How do you know your product/service is effective? *

Do you have a transparent, traceable supply chain? *


Do you generate revenue? *

What is the range of your annual revenue?

Are you profitable? If not, when do you expect to be? *

What is your main sales platform (i.e. web, physical retail stores, B2B, etc)? *

Do you have your own and/or other web-based distribution channels? *

Do you sell/distribute directly to the customer or are you B2B? *

What is your corporate structure? (C Corp, LLC etc) *

Do you have a Board of Directors? *

Are you a Benefit Corporation? (Legal Entity)

Are you B Corp Certified? *


Have you raised capital for your business? Are you currently raising capital? *

Tell us about your experience raising capital.

How much did you, or have you raised, and at what terms? *

Do you have a currently open investment offering now? If so, at what terms, how much have you banked so far, and how much additional interest has been soft-committed? *

Are you looking to raise a round of investment in the next 6 months? *

What's the minimum and maximum you would find acceptable? *

Please provide us with a link to your pitch deck for investors if you have one.

If you received investment, what would you do with it? *

How much are you spending each month (i.e. your monthly burn rate)? *

How much cash do you have in the bank right now? *

How much revenue have you booked in each of the last three months? *

If it were impossible to raise outside investment, what would you do? *


How many full time employees do you have? *

How many part time employees do you have? *

What senior management positions have you filled? *

What are you doing to build a great culture? *


What is your proudest business moment? *

What is your most embarrassing business moment? *


What is the FIRST NAME of the person we should Follow-Up with? *

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What is their title?

What is their mobile phone number? *

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